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Environmental Framework

The Classroom

Our classroom is brightly colored.  There are a lot of pictures on the walls and the furniture.  We try to keep the pictures at the infant's eye level so they are able to look at them closely.  At different areas of the room, there are different activities that they infants can do.  At one end of the classroom there are infant swings, bouncers, and an area for tummy time.  To the right of the swings, bouncers, etc. is a table that the infants can do different activities at during the day (stacking blocks, legos, cups). By the activity table is shelves that have the infant's toys on.  Right next to that area is the table for the infants to sit in for lunch and snack time.  There is a sink and cupboards for the preparation and keeping of the food.  On the opposite area of the classroom from the food is the diapering area and little containers for the infants belongings that they need throughout the day.  In the center of the classroom is an area with soft climbers for the infants to crawl and roll on.  In the back of the room is where we keep the cribs for the infants to sleep in.  We try to keep the lighting a little dim for the infants who are trying to sleep.


Outside of our classroom in an area for the children to play and get some outside experiences.  We have play equipment ideal for an infant age group (tunnels, small slides, infant swings) and enjoy letting the children explore the area.


The location of the program is close to the University of Minnesota Duluth in Duluth, MN.  It is convenient for a lot of students that have children to bring their children here.  We are right next to a small and quiet neighborhood with not too many cars going by.  There are trails all around the University that the teachers are able to take the children on walks on.  They are able to see the different changes in the areas (trees, flowers, grass) that happens when the seasons change. 


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We are located just minutes from the University of Minnesota Duluth.