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An important part of any school is to have activities that are routine throughout the day.  Here are a few things that we do each and every day.

Play Time:  This is very important for the infant to explore on their own and be creative with their play.


Nap Time:  This time of day is very important for infants because this is the time in their life when they are constantly growing.  They need their rest so that they can be energized for the rest of their day.


Eating:  This time of day depend on the age of the infant and the schedule that they are on.  We only provide the most nutritious meals during the day and know how important it is for a child to be well nourished.


Outside:  Infants love to be outside and getting some fresh air is good for them.


Diapering:  This time of day is very important to keep positive because it is not the most fun for the children.  The teachers having a positive attitude will make this time of day run a little smoother.


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