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Programs and Curriculum

This page will mention some of the programs available to students to further their classroom learning.

Creative Curriculum

Our creative curriulum includes many different activities that are developmentally appropriate for the age of the infant in the classroom.  There is a daily routine that stays constant thoughtout the whole year so the infants have something to rely on.  We follow our philosophy of "hands-on" experiences though our curriculum with many different activities such as sensory tables, art work, musical instruments, and many more.  To learn more about the curriulum that we provide go to the link below. pages/page.cfm?pageid=78


Full-time Program

We offer a full-time experience. This allows the infant to become familiar with the staff and the other infants in the classroom each and every day.  We encourage bringing your child to the center every day so they are able to get the best experience offered.

Baby Time:  The Family Enrichment Program Infant Curriculum

Our Family Enrichment Program offers the family to learn along with the infant in different experiences.  They will get a chance to participate in different activties throughout the day that centers around the infants daily routine.  We encourage parent/infant interaction because we know how important it is for the development of the infant and the parent. 

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Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.